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About the company - this is MB2000

At Management Books 2000 Ltd, we are often asked about the '2000' part of our name. The answer is simple. The company was formed in the mid-1990s when the Millennium seemed a fair way off, and the forward-looking feel of '2000' was both intriguing and progressive. Now that we are well past those date changes - decade, century and millennium - the name is still with us, and reflects our productive participation in this new thousand years. In any case, it would be too difficult and irritating to change it now - it is on all our letterheads!

So, we are bounding forward with an exciting and valuable range of books for managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and professionals, of all shades and levels of experience. The next few years will see new titles becoming very popular, while the extensive backlist of almost 200 titles continues to provide people at work with guidance and inspiration.
About the company - this is MB2000
One of the problems with books on management is that there are so many of them. A visit to a bookstore generally shows the potential buyer that there are umpteen titles broadly along the same themes, and that the processes of making choices is complicated by this very proliferation of possible options.

A further complexity is that many of these books on management seem to be written from a theoretical or academic point of view. What is more often needed are the salient writings of an established practitioner who has been through the mill and has emerged wiser and more experienced - and can pass on that information and wisdom in a readable and very practical way. These are the writers in the MB2000 group - people who have the experience, the wisdom and the writing skills.

All the MB2000 books are written as 'working books for working managers' - a theme we are proud of. We produce exceptional books for people who mean business. Please browse through this catalogue and choose those books that will help you achieve your goals, become a better manager, become a more skilful manager and a better person.
New writers

New writers

We are always pleased to talk about books and to receive ideas from people who feel that they have a book to write. Many managers and others feel that the specialism that they are most concerned with is ill served by the existing books and that they could write the major textbook for that topic. If you are one of those people who are itching to see your major opus in print, give us a call. We would be pleased to see what you have written. Generally, we would ask for three things from a potential writer:

- the rationale for writing the book and some ideas of where it would be sold and read
- a synopsis, or at least an elaborate 'contents' page, to give a feel and flavour of the whole work
- some of the work itself - say, a couple of chapters - to present an example of the writing style, the coverage of the topic and the work's potential for publication.
If we like what we see, then we can start to talk seriously with the writer. What many folk do not realise is that the process of publishing a book is often protracted and tedious. Usually it takes around a year to fifteen months to see a book through from first submission to eventual publication. So, if you expect to see your November jottings in the bookshops by Christmas, think again!

The way to get in touch with MB2000 is along via the contact us page of this site. This can be for submitting new material, seeking information about publishing rights, buying books direct from us, or any other information or advice seeking.