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The Change Equation
The Change Equation is a practical ‘how to’ guide to using a set of models and tools which have been developed to help senior managers de-risk their change projects. It shows readers how to:

– understand the underlying reasons why change projects fail to deliver the expected benefits
– identify the causes of actual or potential failure
– quantify the key barriers to success, and
– take the appropriate action to overcome these.

The approach addresses the dual core of a change programme: processes and people. It has been researched and refined with the input of a wide range of experts in the field.

“I like the way that Peter has brought together proven methods into an integrated approach to Organization Change. With this book Organization Change Management has come of age.”
Nikki Cole, Director, BlueSky Cat Limited

“Every manager with a tough project should read this before they start, and for anyone with a project already going pear-shaped this book offers a real chance to do something practical about it.”
David Hain, Director, Transformation Partners

“The Change Equation offers real-world insights on how to turn
complex management projects from theory into practical business solutions. A worthy read for all managers.”
Nym Lotay, BT Major Programme and Projects Manager

“Peter has developed a neat idea – a way to assess a project’s complexity and relate it to an organisation’s capability. This book provides a simple, sanguine read for anyone responsible for managing change.”
Graham Colclough, Vice President for Global eGovernment, Capgemini UK plc

Peter Duschinsky is a management consultant and business mentor with over 30 years of experience of bringing best practice and new ways of working into business and public sector organisations. He has a particular interest in facilitating strategic and culture change and has written many best practice guides in IT-based change management and public sector e-procurement.