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Inside Insurance Inside Insurance
Author: Carl Flesch

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 234pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-254-2 • 1999

A penetrating look behind the closed doors of the insurance industry – how it works, and what customers get for their money....

The insurance world remains a mystery not only to the outside world but to many practitioners inside it. The growth of “direct” insurance services, the recent traumas at Lloyds, the increasing variety of advice, services and commission structures presented to the general public... the pace of change is breathless, and yet the services provided are essential to the day-to-day existence of the entire population.

“Whether you are a fully-fledged insurance professional, a student, a tutor, or a party interested in insurance for whatever reason, I commend this book to you.” Tony Cassidy, Chairman, Cassidy Davis Syndicate Management Ltd


Price:   £12.99

Making A Difference Making A Difference
Lessons From A Lifetime In Life Assurance

Author: Leonard J Warwick

Paperback • A5 • 160pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-224-0 • 1997

A past president of the Life Insurance Association, and a senior regulator with the Securities and Investments Board since 1992, Len Warwick has dedicated his life to changing and improving the life assurance industry and the environment in which it operates. His avowed goal – to 'make a difference'. This book presents a personalised view of this highly complex industry. It includes advice for salesmen, administrators and regulators alike, and will be essential reading for anyone seeking to develop a career in the life assurance and financial services markets.


Price:   £12.99

The Money Launderers (2nd edition) The Money Launderers (2nd edition)
Author: Bob Blunden

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 350pp • £14.99 • 9781852525897 • 2009

How they do it, and how to catch them at it...
This unique guide shows how money-laundering works and how the financial establishment is reacting. It includes details of well-known capers such as the Brinx Mat robbers, the Lansky Legacy, and the dealings of the Russian mafia. The author explains how the procedures work, and what can be done by the banks, authorities, and ordinary companies who fall victim to the process...


Price:   £14.99

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