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90 Minutes series90 Minutes series
A series of concise handbooks designed to give the reader a comprehensive but easily readable and easily digestible text covering each specific topic in an hour and a half of study.
Business Toolkits seriesBusiness Toolkits series
A series of concise business pocketbooks designed for quick and practical use on the job.
Simplified seriesSimplified series
A series of concise business pocketbooks designed for quick and practical use on the job.
Business DevelopmentBusiness Development
These books cover a wide range of general management techniques and practices. They offer a clear and practical approach to management, whether in a small or medium sized business or at the top of a multi-national. We call them 'working books for working managers' and we know that they are widely and enthusiastically used in industry and commerce, providing guidance to a huge number of managers, supervisors and others in their daily work.
Careers and JobsearchCareers and Jobsearch
These books are for those people who really have a great wish to progress through their careers and find work that is congenial, remunerative and intellectually stimulating. Join the search for that better job, that new career move, that chance to really use all of your potential.
Ethics and Sustainable ManagementEthics and Sustainable Management
A series of concise business pocketbooks designed for quick and practical use on the job.
Whether expert, puzzled or beginning, there is a book here for you. We must admit, finance is not everyone's favourite topic, but no organisation can exist without at least a basic sprinkling of finance to help manage its affairs. Here are books explaining money in the simplest terms, through to more complex analyses and studies of specialist financial areas.
Health & SafetyHealth & Safety
In a world that seems to be ever more overrun with rules, regulations and legislation - as well as becoming far more litigious - there is a need to be very, very aware of what is permitted and forbidden in the world of work. These helpful books take a careful view of a range of health and safety matters and provide a sound approach to analysis, prevention and recovery in a variety of situations.
Human ResourcesHuman Resources
These books are for managers, supervisors, advisers and indeed anyone involved in the management or development of other people. The human resource is seen as the most powerful and yet the most fickle of all resources and the business of managing it will draw out both the very best and the very worst in those given such responsibility. Here are books to ease the way to success with people.
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
This feels like a really overworked phrase these days, but no one can escape the powerful impact of the micro-chip and all its clever little cousins. Every aspect of life, work and leisure appears to be modified or controlled by the little beasts and business is where most of the impact is taking place, either in the control systems or in the processes and products being made and operated. Read on …
Management SkillsManagement Skills
Covering all sections of management for any size of business. Whether you are a small business looking for management strategies to help you grow, a woman in business looking for more opportunities, or working in the Human Resources or Customer Care sectors.
Manufacturing and Quality ManagementManufacturing and Quality Management
These books are of great importance for anyone involved in the processes of manufacturing and the maintenance of the highest possible standards of performance and production. Included are several texts essential for an understanding of the fundamental principles of total quality management and the correct steps to take to head towards accreditation with the latest ISO and other standards.
Personal and Life SkillsPersonal and Life Skills
Improve your skills with a range of books, from life skills (assertiveness, relationships, time management etc), improving communication skills, career changes and general personal skills.
These books are sponsored by the British Shops and Stores Association (bssa). They form a powerful library of techniques and practices for anyone involved in retail selling, from buying the basic goods to selling them, integrating successfully with the community, managing the sales operation and exercising financial, legal and managerial control over the whole process.
Sales and MarketingSales and Marketing
Books spanning all areas of sales and marketing, from retail sales, selling overseas, marketing, public relations, advertising and managing a sales team.
Small BusinessSmall Business
These books are written as working guides and workbooks for people who are more concerned with starting their own businesses and keeping them running smoothly. Most are written from an intensely practical standpoint, by people who have themselves gone through the mill and have survived to tell the tale. These really are punchy books for people who mean business - one of our favourite slogans.
Women in BusinessWomen in Business
With the increasing impact of technology, the long-hours culture, dissatisfaction with work/life balance, the change in the traditional family unit, the disappearance of job security, and leadership challenges in highly dynamic and ever changing markets, questions and opportunities for professional women abound. These books ask those questions and offer a range of opportunities.

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