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Global Forces Global Forces
A Guide for Enlightened Leaders

Author: Bruce Nixon

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 265pp • £14.99 • 1-85252-353-0 • 2000

Everyone has heard of globalisation, but what does it really mean? How does it actually affect businesses and their prospects for future development, and how should managers be adapting to take advantage of the new opportunities? Bruce Nixon explains the true meaning of globalisation, and provides an array of processes and tools to enable managers and business leaders to transform their businesses, and gear up for the global future.

"Brilliant - I can't remember the last time that I found a business book to be such a riveting read." Lin Arigho, MD of Aricot Vert Design, and winner of Best Boss Award, year 2000.


Price:   £14.99

Greed, Fraud & Corruption Greed, Fraud & Corruption
A Guide to Organisational Ethics

Author: Samuel A. Malone

Paperback • A5 • 278pp • £16.99 • 9781852525774 • 2008

Distils the latest and best available information on what is happening in organisations in relation to ethical issues and what corrective action can be taken to prevent unethical practices. Each chapter deals with a different aspect of ethical (or unethical) management, supported by an Ethical Business Quotient quiz and a case study. The text is packed with highly topical examples demonstrating the dire consequences facing organisations practising unethical behaviour.


Price:   £16.99

Living System Living System
Making sense of sustainability

Author: Bruce Nixon
Forewords by Anita Roddick and Meg Wheatley
Paperback • A5 • 184pp • £14.99 • ISBN 1-85252-519-3 • 2006

What is sustainability, and how can we work to achieve it? How do organisations need to change if we are to protect our way of life and that of future generations?

"This is an extraordinary and invaluable book that offers an original approach and fresh insights to a subject that is now, rightly, attracting so much attention. Whilst painstaking in its portrayal of the systemic problems facing the planet, and clear about the implications that these present to us, this is nevertheless a profoundly optimistic work, an affirmation of the good in people and their ability to heal the system" UK Servant Leadership


Price:   £14.99

Making a Difference Making a Difference
Strategies and Tools for Transforming Your Organisation

Author: Bruce Nixon

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 260pp • £14.99 • 1-85252-372-7 • 2001

A classic, cutting-edge management book which received astonishing plaudits and endorsements when first published in hardcover – now available for the first time in paperback. This ground-breaking, yet friendly and inclusive book is about transformation. In our global, technological age everyone is involved in transformation and innovation, be it in business, other types of organisations, the world community, politics or the family.

"In recent years, the topic of organisation change and renewal has been the subject of a stream of management books. Bruce Nixon’s contribution can stand comparison with the best of these. First, it is very readable. Second and most importantly, it is highly realistic in its approach, facing up to the difficult issues that have to be worked through if lasting organisation transformation is to be achieved, and giving sound, practical advice on how to tackle them. I can strongly recommend it to managers who want to make a real difference."
Philip Sadler CBE, previously Chief Executive of Ashridge Management College, is a Patron of the Centre for Tomorrow’s Company and Fellow of the International Academy of Management.


Price:   £14.99

Servant-Leadership Servant-Leadership
Bringing the spirit of work to work

Editors: Ralph Lewis and John Noble

Paperback • A5 • 213pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852525712 • 2008

A guide to the growing philosophy of servant-leadership, with articles by a number of recognised consultants and practitioners in the field. It explains how true leaders are driven by a motivation to help and serve others, and shows how these principles can be profitably employed in business institutions and organisations.


Price:   £14.99

The Strategic Mind The Strategic Mind
The journey to leadership through strategic thinking

Author: Bob Gorzynski
Foreword by Dave Snowden

Paperback • A5 • 252pp • £14.99 • 9781852526078 • 2009

The world as we know it is changing rapidly and beyond recognition. To move towards a 'world that works for all' will require a profound shift in the way that we think - and the capacity for each one of us to become a leader in initiating change in our own lives, businesses and communities to begin to live in long-term sustainable harmony with the world around us. "The Strategic Mind" provides a framework for developing a deeper, more holistic form of thinking using seven core disciplines: know your own story; think small; go slowly; serve others; reflect; be simple; and, dream.


Price:   £14.99

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