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Business Protection Simplified Business Protection Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 194pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852527235 • 2013

In uncertain economic times it is especially important to take whatever measures you can to protect the profitability of your business. This book covers the whole range of options, including "keyman" insurance, credit insurance, health and safety instruments, currency risk, life assurance, employment insurance, and much more.


Price:   £14.99

Inheritance Tax Simplified Inheritance Tax Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 242pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852527013 • 2012

At last, a definitive guide to inheritance tax which can be understood by the layman. Sponsored by Zurich this invaluable guide explains how the system works and describes a number of schemes which can be employed to reduce or even completely remove inheritance tax liability.


Price:   £14.99

Long-Term Care Simplified Long-Term Care Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 308pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852526979 • 2013

As people live longer, the cost of providing long-term care is becoming increasingly worrying both for the elderly themselves and for their families. With careful planning it is not necessary to lose your home (and forfeit your children’s inheritance) in order to pay for care. This books shows how.


Price:   £14.99

Pensions Simplified Pensions Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 169pp • £14.99 • ISBN 0781852527259 • 2013

This thoroughly up-to-date text looks at the whole range of pension options and possibilities. It covers pensions for the self-employed and partners, occupational pensions and state schemes, and stakeholder pensions - in fact, everything that you might need to know about planning for your retirement. It includes all the changes resulting from the March 2010 Budget and the Emergency Budget on 22 June 2010, and all the recent changes in legislation, pensions practice and regulation.


Price:   £14.99

School & University Fees Simplified School & University Fees Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 166pp • £14.99 • 9781852527266 • 2013

A practical guide to planning for private education, including a review of available bursary and grant schemes, and an analysis of alternative tax-efficient investment strategies to cover the funding requirement.


Price:   £14.99

Succession Planning Simplified Succession Planning Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 160pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852527044 • 2012

In times of economic difficulty it is especially important to try to protect the future of your business after you go. A down-to-earth guide to a fairly complex area of financial planning. The latest in the “Simplified” series.


Price:   £14.99

Taxation Simplified Taxation Simplified
Tony Jones ATT

Paperback • A5 • 156pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852526863 • 2013

This latest edition of the extremely popular tax guide includes all the changes announced in the March 2010 Budget and the Emergency Budget on 22 June 2010. It contains advice on how to reduce your tax liabilities. It explains the tax system, including self-assessment, appeals procedures and the way that tax is charged on remuneration, investment income, property, companies and the self-employed. It gives details of the reliefs from taxation available to husband and wife, children, retired people, clubs and charities; and on capital gains, inheritance tax and visits abroad.


Price:   £14.99

Tax-Efficient Investments Simplified Tax-Efficient Investments Simplified
Author: Tony Granger

Paperback • A5 • 166pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852527068 • 2012

With the government raising taxes and trying to put the squeeze on all possible sources of revenue to fill the Black Hole in the economy, it has never been more important for investors to find tax-efficient ways of saving and investing. This new addition to the “Simplified” series explains in practical terms how investors can go about protecting their investments from the Inland Revenue.


Price:   £14.99

Tax-Efficient Wills Simplified Tax-Efficient Wills Simplified
Author: Carl Islam

Paperback • A5 • 257pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852527303 • 2013

A practical guide to an area which many people find confusing or worrying – how to write a good and effective will which will ensure the maximum benefits to your heirs and beneficiaries. The book includes detailed advice on setting up trusts, and the inclusion of trust provisions in the will. Written in plain English, the book will demystify the process for lay readers, while also providing a valuable reference for professionals in the field.


Price:   £14.99

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