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I Can Get You a Job I Can Get You a Job
Paperback • A5 • 244pp • £14.99 • 9781852527228 • 2014

A practical guide to jobsearch, including practical tips on all aspects from initial application through to rejection-handling and self-motivation.



Price:   £14.99

All About Psychological Tests and Assessment Centres All About Psychological Tests and Assessment Centres
The top guide

Author:Jack van Minden

Paperback - A5 - 190pp - £14.99 - ISBN 1-85252-458-8 - 2004

Psychological tests and assessment centres are personnel selection techniques that now seem to be in every jobhunter's handbook. This book is based on years of research into the theory and everyday practice of tests and assessment techniques, as employed by selection agencies and the larger organisations. The impenetrable land of better jobs has strict entry requirements. The barrier is only lifted for those who possess the 'PASSED' stamp. This book offers those who are keen to move to the world of better jobs a wealth of practical information as well as the chance to practise typical tests and assessment exercises at home.


Price:   £14.99

Building a Portfolio Career Building a Portfolio Career
How to create a portfolio of roles to suit your work and life

Authors: Adrian Bourne, Colin McCrudden and Chris Lyons

Paperback • A5 • 288pp • £16.99 • 9781852526221 • 2009

This book shows you how to unlimit yourself by becoming a Portfolio Professional, and gives advice on which of your talents to use and how to apply them. It is a practical guidebook - well illustrated with real examples from the authors' and others' life- changing experiences - to moving by natural progression from the life of being full-time employed to one where you are in control.


Price:   £16.99

Build Your Own Rainbow Build Your Own Rainbow
A Lifeskills Workbook for Career and Life Management

Authors: Barrie Hopson & Mike Scally

Paperback • 290 x 200mm • 192pp • £15.00 • 1-85252-300-X • 1999

A unique workbook to help readers plan their personal and career objectives. A continuing bestseller, adopted by the Open University for their course 'Work Options'.

The book includes detailed exercises designed to analyse readers' current work values and transferable skills, and provides an extensive listing of possible jobs and occupations to match their particular values and skills. A must for job-hunters.

'Absorbing, thought-provoking and illuminating' Training Digest

'An excellent aid to defining skills, setting career objectives and exerting greater control over your life' New Woman


Price:   £15.00

Careers in the City Careers in the City
Author: Joanna Minett

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 160pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-379-4 • 2001

A practical guide to obtaining that elusive but highly paid job in "the City". The book includes a description of the various instititutions and organisations which make up the City of London, and provides detailed advice on how to go about getting a job in them. Readers will learn what type of candidates are sought, how to present themselves best to fit the required mould, and what they can expect when they embark on the interview process.


Price:   £12.99

The Chance to Live More Than Once The Chance to Live More Than Once
Developing Future Lives and Careers After Retirement

Foreword by Professor Charles Handy

Paperback • A5 • 254pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-286-0 • 1997

A classic guide to making the most of your retirement. With people retiring ever younger, and living ever longer, there has never been a greater need for 'third age' planning. With a foreword by the UK's leading managmeent guru, Professor Charles Handy, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to build a new future after 50. 

Price:   £12.99

Earning a Crust Earning a Crust
Author: Peter Cross

Paperback • 216 x 135mm • 212pp • £12 99 • 1-85252-396-4 • 2002

Unlike most career books, Earning a Crust talks to people who actually work and live their jobs. It is not a ‘how to get this or that job’ book but an inspirational volume for anyone wishing to consider options that they might not otherwise have thought of.

The book covers around 75 detailed interviews with women (and one man!) who, for the most part, work in atypical employments. The interviews developed from a series of articles that appeared in national weekday and Sunday papers.

The jobs covered range from chimneysweep and canoeist to taxidermist, hat maker and lorry driver, touching on unusual and challenging careers in entertainment, caring and health, the outdoor life, food and drink, applied arts, around the house and the body beautiful. The book also contains a wealth of useful and useable references, contact details and trade organisations.

This is a book for all readers, not just women, as the details of the jobs are just as applicable to men.


Price:   £12.99

Executive Express Executive Express
Authors: Anthony Williams and Bill Pitkeathley

Paperback - A5 - 200pp - £16.99 - ISBN 1-85252-510-X -

You are young and ambitious, and you have done well in your management career so far; but how do you reach the top or close to it, and how do you plot your course? Today, your employer will not do it for you, though you may be lucky enough to have a mentor or an executive coach to help and advise. The planning and the decisions, though, are up to you alone, and it is you who must navigate your own career, no longer in calm seas but sometimes through storms and tempests.
To avoid shipwreck and to arrive safely in port, you need a chart and a knowledgeable pilot. This book will give you both.


Price:   £16.99

Face Your Next Interview Face Your Next Interview
Author: Jack Gratus

Paperback • A5 • 174pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-322-0 • 1999

The classic guide to succeeding at interview, written by well-known BBC trainer and presenter, Jack Gratus. This is essential reading for anyone facing an important interview, whether for employment, promotion, university application, or any other purpose.


Price:   £12.99

Faster Promotion in 90 Minutes Faster Promotion in 90 Minutes
How to seriously enhance your career prospects

Author: Neil Thompson

Paperback - A5 - 130pp - £9.99 - ISBN 1-85252-488-X

This is another in the 'in Ninety Minutes' series which offers the reader a comprehensive but easily readable and digestible text covering a specific topic in an hour and a half of study. The centrepiece of the book explains the most successful promotion strategy of all which is to be taken under the wing of a much more senior employee in the firm and be pulled up through the ranks. Other promotion tactics are explored at three different levels - politically correct tactics, more aggressive tactics and dirty tactics.


Price:   £9.99

Find That Job in 90 Minutes Find That Job in 90 Minutes
The quickest and most effective way to seek out and get that job you have always wanted

James Alexander

Paperback - A5 - 130pp - £9.99 - ISBN 1-85252-491-X

This is another in the 'in Ninety Minutes' series, which offers the reader a comprehensive but easily readable and easily digestible text covering a specific topic in an hour and a half of study.
The book is an extremely practical one which leads the reader through a linked series of checklists which cover virtually every bit of research needed to find suitable jobs, apply for them, get good interviews and be offered a job.


Price:   £9.99

Get a Job Get a Job
Author: Jack van Minden

Paperback • A5 • 194pp • £14.99 • 9781852526511 • 2011

A new guide to jobsearch from top recruitment author Jack van Minden (“All About Psychological Tests and Assessment Centres”, “Selection Interviews”, “The IQ Trainer”, etc.). Packed with practical tips and advice for jobseekers at all levels.


Price:   £14.99

I've Finished So I'll Start I've Finished So I'll Start
Authors: Stephen Howarth and John Houghton

Paperback • 210mm x 148mm • 133pp • £14.99 • ISBN 9781852525392 • 2007

A guide to making the best of retirement. Presented in a humorous, light-hearted style, the authors describe the various opportunities and pitfalls awaiting new retirees, and show how retirement can really mark the beginning and not the end...


Price:   £14.99

The Jobsearch Manual The Jobsearch Manual
Author: Linda Aspey

Paperback • A5 • 180pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-229-1 • 1998

A classic guide to jobseeking. Includes detailed practical guidance on identifying realistic prospects, preparing cvs, making applications, and negotiating the interview. 'If you are overwhelmed by the challenges of finding that new job, this sensible, user-friendly and practical guide will be a tonic to your spirit' Jonathan Warner, Rank Xerox


Price:   £12.99

Jobs for the Boys Jobs for the Boys
Author: Peter Cross

Paperback • A5 • 208pp • £14.99 • 1-85252-405-7 • 2002

A companion book to 'Earning a Crust'.
This book details discussions with a wide range of men who actually work and live their jobs. The jobs in question are not necessarily those that a job-seeker would look for first. To that end, the book is an inspiration to such people to look further afield and consider some occupations that they might not even have thought of.
There are around 75 interviews in the book, with fascinating insights into employment possibilities and opportunities. The jobs range across most industries and include descriptions of the working lives of men who really know what those jobs are like. They also reveal the downsides of their work as well as the highs, so that readers are clear in their minds about their own suitability or otherwise for these unusual occupations.
As with 'Earning A Crust', the book is eminently suitable for all readers, not just males. The jobs are just as applicable to men as women.


Price:   £14.99

Jobs, Interviews, Success Jobs, Interviews, Success
Everything a student needs to know

Neil G Thompson

Paperback - A5 - 180pp - £14.99 - ISBN 1-85252-482-0 - 2005 - (not yet published, watch for details)

A career book aimed squarely at student and graduate job seekers, it follows three main strands: how to choose the job; how to land the offers; and how to start treading the path to success. The book is clearly different from the usual run of career advice books in that it has several unique features.


Price:   £14.99

The Magic of Work The Magic of Work
Author: Mike Pegg

Paperback • A5 • 218pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-400-6 • 2002

The Magic of Work explores how to find, follow and fulfil your real vocation, how you can do work that provides money, meaning and magic, how you can balance your mission and your mortgage.



Price:   £12.99

Meaningful Work Meaningful Work
How to Find Meaning in Work, and Make Work Meaningful

Author: Christopher Ward

Paperback • A5 • 230pp • £14.99 • 9781852526764 • 2011

A guide to career enjoyment and success, based on personal values and an understanding of what readers really want out of their work and their lives.


Price:   £14.99

Perfect CVs in 90 Minutes Perfect CVs in 90 Minutes
The ultimate guide to marketing yourself

Author: Frank Thaxton

Paperback • A5 • 130pp • £9.99 • ISBN 1-85252-499-5 • 2005

This is another in the ‘in Ninety Minutes’ series, which offers the reader a comprehensive but easily read and easily digestible text, covering a specific topic in an hour and a half of study.


Price:   £9.99

Personal Brand Essence Personal Brand Essence
Author: Steve Connell

Paperback • A5 • 179pp • £12.99 • 9781852525828 • 2009

A practical guide to self-development based on the principles of brand management. The book is designed to help people to assess what their personal brand is, and the actions they should take to build and develop that brand. The book will help readers to maximise career development, and enhance their value in the employment marketplace – particularly important as the country enters recession and competition for jobs intensifies.


Price:   £12.99

Selection Interviews Selection Interviews
Author: Jack van Minden

Paperback • A5 • 300pp • £14.99 • 9781852525934 • 2010

An essential new guide for first-time jobseekers and people trying to get back into work. A timely book to provide real help for the growing number of people looking for jobs.


Price:   £14.99

The Sixty Day Success Blog The Sixty Day Success Blog
Author: Dean C Thorpe
Foreword by Shaun Murphy, 2005 World Snooker Champion

Paperback • A5 • 200pp • £12.99 • 9781852525910 • 2009

Based on the author’s established “Success” workshops, this is an inspiring 60-day programme for personal and career transformation, this is a different kind of self-help book – presented in the form of an illustrated internet blog.


Price:   £14.99

Succeed at Work Succeed at Work
Author: Rupert Eales-White

Paperback • A5 • 222pp • £14.99 • 9781852526269 • 2009

Launching a new series of self-improvement guides by an established business writer. Practical, down-to-earth, and inspiring essential recession reading.


Price:   £14.99

Success With Psychometric Testing Success With Psychometric Testing
Author: Derrick White

Paperback • A5 • 172pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-248-8 • 21 May 1998

A practical guide to psychometric tests – what they measure, how they work, and how to get the best out of them – as subject or administrator... Have you ever undergone a psychometric test and not understood the process or the outcome? Have you heard all the mysterious classification words – Drivers, Amiables, Intuitives, etc... – and wondered what they meant? Understanding psychometrics is extremely valuable whether you are applying for a job or recruiting staff. Identifying psychometric types can ensure all the square pegs go into the square holes and the composition of a team can be finely balanced to achieve the greatest efficiency. It is invaluable in understanding all relationships -- in selling, negotiation or team building.


Price:   £12.99

The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation
Author: Dr Jack van Minden

Paperback • A5 • 147pp • £11.99 • ISBN 9781852525781 • 2009

Everyone has to negotiate their salary at least once a year – whether it's part of the dreaded annual appraisal process, or part of an even more intimidating interview process for a new job. This book guides readers through the entire process, from initial valuation of their services, to determining the appropriate negotiating strategy with the particular recruiter/manager in question, and securing the best possible outcome.


Price:   £12.99

Your Job and How Technology Will Change It Your Job and How Technology Will Change It
Author: Richard Lieberman

Paperback • A5 • 171pp • £12.99 • ISBN 9781852527495 • 2015

A cutting-edge guide to the way people's jobs are being affected by emerging technology, anbd what they can do to prepare for it.



Price:   £12.99

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