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There are few areas in working or in social life where communication skills are not needed. Whether making a positive gesture towards an offensive motorist or making a major presentation that will secure your company's future, you need the precision and persuasion that these books will give you.
The debate continues to rage over whether the roles of leader and manager are interchangeable, mutually exclusive or virtually identical. You will no doubt have your own ideas. These books help to clarify what is what and who is who, as well as exploring some real and effective approaches. They range from new thinking on leadership to more traditional applications. Are you cut out to be a leader?
There is a constant need for managers at all levels in organisations to improve their personal performance standards and ratings. These books offer a range of specific business approaches that will enhance performance and let the individual develop into a more rounded and employable person as well as creating a more satisfactory work/life balance - to the benefit of all.
How Not to ManageHow Not to Manage
There are many ways that a business or organisation can present itself to the world - not always successfully, it must be stated. Some of these intriguing and well-researched books show how even the seemingly biggest and best companies can get into serious trouble - others describe how the really progressive organisation can measure itself against industry, national and global requirements in the 21st century.

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