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Customer CareCustomer Care
These titles will inspire you to take great care of your clients and customers - without them, you're finished, or, as it states succinctly in Clients Are People Too, 'without clients, we are dead ducks'! Most far-sighted managers recognise that superlative customer care is the pre-eminent requirement for a successful company, and ensure that all staff are facing that direction.
International SalesInternational Sales
Like it or not, the world seems to be getting smaller and businesses that decline to face the possibilities of moving abroad could face loss of image as well as loss of revenue and prestige. It is not, however, as simple as nipping down the road to sell to Charlie Higgins - the complexities of foreign travel, trade, customs, cultures, behaviours and expectations present a trail of potential potholes - to be avoided.
These books focus strongly on aspects of marketing, with titles that would suit businesses from new start-ups to established enterprises with a substantial marketing budget. The whole range is featured from basic understanding of what marketing is to cutting-edge techniques using the range of approaches that current technology puts at your disposal.
PR and AdvertisingPR and Advertising
A group of books to help increase your exposure to your publics and improve your corporate image - times change and even the largest iconic companies are now vulnerable. Organisations cannot sit back and ignore their image - they need to rethink their entire posture towards their markets and find ways of differentiating themselves from others.
Sales ManagementSales Management
These books look at the business of managing the sales process, the sales people and the place that sales have in the wider structure of a business. There is material that will be of great help to newcomers to the managing function as well as to experienced sales managers wishing to update or reinforce their existing knowledge.
These books look at all aspects of that strange and often exasperating business of buying and selling, from the essential techniques needed by newcomers to the practice to advanced ideas and concepts for the more experienced sales person. Sales trainers and managers with a huge range of practical experience, share their valuable knowledge in a way that is both instructive and stimulating.

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