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Learn to Use a PC in 90 Minutes Learn to Use a PC in 90 Minutes
Author: Martin Bailey

Paperback • A5 • 152pp • £10.99 • ISBN 9781852525583 • 2008

At last a beginner's guide which focuses on applications. This concise practical guide includes practical advice on a whole range of PC applications, from basic housekeeping, to internet shopping, to social networking, to music and photo exchange, to using your PC as a tv and audio media centre, and much, much more.


Price:   £10.99

Using a Computer for the First Time Using a Computer for the First Time
Author: Bill Hall

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 236pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-391-3 • 2002

This book is written for older people of average ability who find traditional computer books formidable. It is the first of a series of introductory teach-yourself guides and is intended to accompany the initial purchase of a personal computer.
The relaxed narrative style, extensive use of illustrations, and coaching through simple exercises is designed to give readers early confidence in their ability to master the basic operation of a personal computer in their own homes at a reduced pace.
The book is written in ten chapters, covering: the basic component parts and connecting up; powering on and off; basic concepts of programs; getting started with the keyboard; getting started with the mouse; windows, games and drawing pictures; the desktop and its features; managing and manipulating files; writing letters with Wordpad; and where to go next.

This is not a book for whizz-kids (although they would undoubtedly learn a lot) but it does solve many problems and it offers a written-for-its- audience style that will help newcomers to computing start properly.


Price:   £12.99

Using a Digital Camera for the First Time Using a Digital Camera for the First Time
Author: Bill Hall

Paperback - A5 - 236pp - £14.99 • 1-85252-430-8 • 2003

This is the third book in Bill Hall’s extremely successful series of guides for older readers and those people anxious about new technology.

This book looks at the exciting and versatile digital camera as a means of increasing communications and enhancing a wide range of opportunities from community and commercial to family and domestic activities.


Price:   £14.99

Using Email for the First Time Using Email for the First Time
Author: Bill Hall

Paperback • 210 x 148mm • 272pp • £14.99 • 1-85252-417-0 • 2002

Following the great success of ‘Using a Computer for the First Time’, Bill Hall puts his analytical hat on again to look at the business of emails and the internet, again with the first-time user - maybe the older reader coming to computers for the very first time - very much in mind.

This book takes the sending and receiving of emails down to its simplest forms, so that new emailers can get the maximum benefit from the technology without having to plough through complex manuals full of computer-speak.


Price:   £14.99

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