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HR + OD People Strategies HR + OD People Strategies
How to make it happen using OD and Human Resource Planning and Development interventions

Author: John O'Callaghan

Paperback - 190x245mm - 400pp + CD-ROM - £35.00 - ISBN 1-85252-481-2

This is a specific and unique book that will meet a growing need - providing organisations with the basis for moving seamlessly towards developing e-HR solutions. The book is organised to provide readers with approaches on how to plan, retain, train and develop people and how to obtain and analyse data for timely decision making associated with implementing an organisation's people strategy.


Price:   £35.00

The Human Resources Toolkit The Human Resources Toolkit
Author: Richard McNamara

Paperback • B6 • 106pp • £5.99 • ISBN 9781852526573 • 2010

A concise guide to human resources management. Designed for quick and ready use by the busy professional.


Price:   £5.99

Who Cares Wins Who Cares Wins
How to Unlock the Hidden Potential in People at Work

Author: Peter Savage

Paperback • 234 x 153mm • 144pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-277-1 • 1998

Today's winning organisation is without question the one that utilises the men and women at its disposal more effectively than its competitors can utilise theirs. Peter Savage shows how recent theories of 'excellence' can be transformed into reality, providing a step-by-step procedure to manage and develop employees to the best of their latent ability.

'Carefully and convincingly argued, with sound exemplary support details, clearly written and well referenced' MBA Review


Price:   £12.99

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