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Building a Website Using a CMS Building a Website Using a CMS
Author: Martin Bailey

Paperback • A5 • 161pp • £9.99 • 9781852526238 • 2009

There are many free Content Management Systems available, which allow complex site structures to be up and running in a matter of hours, using nothing but a web browser. In 90 minutes, readers will be able to identify the best CMS for their needs, locate a suitable hosting company, upload the code and configure it to match their design and functionality needs.


Price:   £9.99

Cloud Coffee House Cloud Coffee House
Author: Ian Tomlin

Paperback • A5 • 280pp • £14.99 • 9781852525842 • 21 August 2009

A cutting edge guide to the new "cloud computing" technology and internet-based social networking. Scheduled for publication on 21st August.

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Price:   £14.99

The Facebook Manager The Facebook Manager
Authors: Bridget Grenville-Cleave & Jonathan Passmore

Paperback • A5 • 201pp • £14.99 • 9781852526252 • 2009

How to use Facebook and other social networking websites to promote career and business success. Business uses of social networking sites are only just beginning to take off. This book shows how to get on the bandwagon (or ahead of it).


Price:   £14.99

Getting More Visitors to Your website in 90 Minutes Getting More Visitors to Your website in 90 Minutes
The Essential Guides to a Real Website Success

Author: Martin Bailey

Paperback - A5 - 130pp - £10.99 - ISBN 1-85252-522-3

This is another in the ‘in Ninety Minutes’ series, which offers readers a comprehensive but easily readable and digestible text covering a specific topic in an hour and a half of study.
How do you promote your website? If you build it, people won’t necessarily come. Promotion is one of the most important tasks of today’s marketing professionals. In 90 minutes, this book will show you how search engines rank your site against competitors and how you can tweak your web code to get one step ahead of them.


Price:   £10.99

Marketing Your Website Marketing Your Website
How to attract visitors to your website

Author: Laurel Alexander

Paperback • A5 • 234pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-392-1 • 2002

Setting up a website is easy. The difficult bit is getting people to visit it...
Laurel Alexander has written several highly practical and well-received guides for internet users. In this new guide, she shows readers how to go about attracting visitors to their websites. Contrary to popular belief, this does not require the appointment of expensive internet consultants – it can all be done yourself, if only you know where to start...
Areas covered include:
• making sure your website is customer-oriented
• getting the search engines to recognise your site
• direct marketing techniques to promote your website
• marketing through email
• banners and hyperlinks
• marketing through points of sale
• building your online brand
• building customer loyalty
• using the website to market your corporate image – and more...


Price:   £12.99

Plan a New Website in 90 Minutes Plan a New Website in 90 Minutes
Author: Crescentia Cook

Paperback • A5 • 124pp • £9.99 • ISBN 9781852525415 • 2007

A jargon-free, practical guide for the non-technical business manager who is thinking about creating a business website. The author explains the various potential benefits for small businesses of having a website, and explains the way in which the website should be planned in order to achieve these benefits. The book is packed with straightforward advice on system set-up, design, content, e-commerce and site administration.


Price:   £9.99

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