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Clients Are People Too Clients Are People Too
The Professional Adviser's Guide to Keeping Clients for Life

Author: James Alexander

Paperback - A5 - 166pp - £12.99 - 1-85252-354-9 - 2001

A practical guide to client care for professionals of all descriptions from accountants to website designers. The author explains the basic principles of client care and shows readers how to set up a programme to ensure a happy and loyal client base so essential to the growth and survival of any professional firm in today’s increasingly fickle markets. Areas covered include: • the concept of client care • understanding and exceeding clients’ expectations • designing and promoting a client care policy • using client care to promote the firm • optimising all aspects of communication with clients • procedures for handling complaints • evaluating the ongoing success of the client care programme.


Price:   £12.99

Trust Me Trust Me
Trust Me - the complete guide to becoming a trustworthy adviser

Author: Ken Buist

Paperback • 210x148mm • 266pp • £14.99 • 1-85252-413-8 • 2002

Trust Me is a book dedicated to equipping individuals to achieve commercial success through attaining personal excellence. Its material guides the reader through a comprehensive range of paradigms explaining the human makeup and proceeds to enable the reader to grow personally and enhance their ability to connect, communicate, and influence.

With a plethora of corporate scandals currently shaking global confidence in professional integrity and corporate governance, this book's publication is indeed, timely. It addresses character issues, personal integrity, probity, honesty, and above all: trustworthiness. This book will challenge your perceptions, values and behaviours by examining the qualities others seek in those they trust, the reasons why these criteria differ between individuals, and how to discern and match their requirements.

Trust Me provides valuable insights into yourself and others. It reveals how people are wired, showing the reasons for the behavioural styles we encounter, the attitudes we experience, and the learning preferences people adopt. These insights offer invaluable applications in the skills of relationship building and dynamic rapport.

The text presents practical and sustainable opportunities for personal growth in the crucial areas of character development, empathy enhancement, and persuasive competencies. It also offers effective keys for achieving personal and professional emotional maturity.

This material will enhance your ability to make lasting and meaningful connections. It will enable you to establish sound connections where none exist, to repair disconnections where they are failed or damaged, and to achieve excellent connections where the groundwork is already in place. This book is for sales professionals, coaches, mentors, consultants, legal, accounting and economic advisers, and all who appreciate that their success requires that others value them as trustworthy advisers.


Price:   £14.99

We Are Partners, Aren't We? We Are Partners, Aren't We?
The essential guide to professional partnerships

Authors: Bryan Apthorp with Graeme Jack and Tim Brears

Paperback - A5 - 220pp - £14.99 - ISBN 1-85252-453-7 - 2004

Doctor Brian Apthorp, assisted by accountant Graeme Jack, and solicitor Tim Brears, takes a critical look at professional partnerships and the problems associated with setting them up, joining, running and leaving them. The tone is initially light, anecdotal and amusing, but the angst of the many professionals interviewed is apparent.

This book should be read by anyone involved in a profession, be it medicine, law, accountancy, dentistry, quantity surveying, architecture, stockbroking or estate agency. Solo practitioners, assistants (with or without a partnership), salaried partners and equity partners will all find something of interest.


Price:   £14.99

What Every Good Lawyer Should Know What Every Good Lawyer Should Know
Author: Iain Campbell

Paperback • A5 • 144pp • £12.99 • 1-85252-317-4• 2000

The essential guide to successful practice development. Most lawyers are too busy earning their fees to worry about customer care, public relations, office management or marketing. Or so they think. In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly important for lawyers to turn their attention to the more commercial aspects of practice development. Iain Campbell shows how this can be achieved, without compromising the quality of advice – and without adding to the already straining workload.


Price:   £12.99

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